Thursday, May 31, 2012

Do We The People Hate Mr. Stoffa?

No, of course not...we don't hate anyone. In fact, as a person he seems really nice (note that we said seems) however, as the County Executive - HE OUTRIGHT SUCKS!

He has failed the very PEOPLE he swore to serve. How exactly are we supposed to feel about that?

Should we say, "well it's all okay because that's how things are done under his watch?" So sorry, but, that's not going to happen.

NO - instead we chose to hold him responsible, and accountable for the actions of all, including himself...under HIS watch.

Let us examine - what accomplishments can he boast he has produced over the last two years? Yes, that's right, in our opinion - NONE.

What did he do wrong? - in our opinion - everything...the better question would be - what did he do right? In our opinion - Nothing.

He made a mockery of the Honorable Judge Barrata's court room, so much so that the Judge asked "who are you?" to Mark Stuart, who supposedly was not there to coach Angle and O'Hare but was very visibly doing so...and when the Judge asked again who are you? Mark Stuart replied something to the effect that he was there representing the County, and if memory serves us right the judge responded something to the effect - don't we have enough attorney's on the county payroll that we need you too?

We are not exaggerating, Mr. stoffa could not even sue the taxpayers right...however, in our opinions, he did know how to use our money to do it - shameful!!!


  1. How can he be "nice" when he is misrepresenting his constituents by ignoring their VOTE on GRACEDALE, misrepresenting the truth, and using taxpayer money to fund private lawsuits?
    He says there is a difference between county money and taxpayer monies.
    Is this the nice guy to whom you are referring?Maybe if I say good things about him and his "2 friends," perhaps he will buy me an all expense paid vacation to "LA LA LAND" using county money since he believes that county money isn't taxpayer money.
    Think about it, this nice guy is our county's chief administrator. Good Grief!

  2. Your comment is great because it shows that you see what we see...just have to say - perhaps you missed that part where we say "(notice that we said seems)". We know who Stoffa is because we sat with him...and he ate our cake and lied to us at the same time.

    we're not fool, just as you and the rest of the county are not fooled.