Saturday, May 19, 2012

What Does "We The People" Mean?...

...It means - the power of government comes from THE PEOPLE.

The Preamble of the Constitution says "We The People" because it was THE PEOPLE who were granting powers to the government, an absolutely extraordinary idea when the Constitution was it still is today.

Acknowledging of course, that our Brilliant Founding Fathers were being persecuted by the King then, as we are persecuted by the Executive of the County today.

NO...There is no difference between the King then, and our County Executive today...just as there is no difference between TAXPAYER DOLLARS, and COUNTY DOLLARS.

And yes...The king had hench-men then...just as the Executive has Bernard (The Disbarred Attorney) O'Hare today...The worst hench-man we have been dominated by since the birth of our great union...and how exactly does the Merriam-Webster define a Hench-man? Hummm...lets see:
  • 1: Obsolete: a squire or page to a person of high rank - no, that's not it.
  • 2a: a trusted follower: a right hand man - getting warmer. 
  • b: a political follower whose support is chiefly for personal advantage - real hot.
  • c: a member of a GANG - Ding Ding Ding - they (Stoffa, Angle, and O'Hare) are definitely a political band out for themselves, a clique no better than those that roam the streets...hit the nail on the head - giv'em a cigar. 

Must never ever allow any form of tyranny within our goverment, especially such that force us to unlearn or forget our moral obligation to humnaity.

GOD Bless America, and her PEOPLE.


  1. I think C.O.A.F. should ask Mr. Parsons to introduce a Resolution calling on Mr. Stoffa and Mr. Conklin to reimburse the county.

  2. Mr. Barron is an honorable man. He has a lovely wife and two beautiful children who adore him. He holds a responsible elected (hear me bo--chosen by people) position that has already has saved the County thousands of dollars. He treats everone he meets with dignity and respect even if he disagrees with their opinion.
    He doesn't need to resort to vulgar gestures, intimidation, harassment, threats of law suits, name calling and smears like O'Hare does on his blog.
    Why? Because Barron is a gentleman in every sense of the word. He has made his family proud. He is proud of his heritage-- Kilt and all. Most of all is is proud to serve the people who have put their trust in his ability to safeguard their taxmoney.
    Though Barron is much younger than O'Hare, look at how much more Barron had accomplished. O'Hare was born with a siver spoon in his mouth and all he did with it was tarnish it.
    An O'Hare thinks he has the right to belittle a MAN like Barron. Not a Chance in Hates.

  3. Barron is a snake and using you people. He doesn't know how to do his job and his staff laugh at him behind his back. He is a tool of others who will tell him what to do. He will use you people as well, to help his masters.

    He never passed the bar exam to be a practicing attorney because he is not to smart. O'Hare passed the bar then he self destructed. So O'Hare may be somewhat crazy but he is smarter ten Barron.

  4. Being able to pass the bar exam has no point in this discussion. There have been thousands of people in the world who passed the bar, who are criminals today, and sit behind bars...should I start the list?

    Mr. O'Hare was tossed from the legal profession for being the sadist he is , and a racist, and intentionally sabotaging the litigation of George Usry, and African American who was wrongfully terminated from Bethlehem Steel. O'Hare lied to the Supreme Court Disciplinary Board, to try and save his hyde.

    But it didnt work then and it wont work now.

    Steve Barron has more class in his pinky finger than O'Hare Angle and Stoffa put together.

  5. Word on the street is, Barron is honest, truthful, and a credit to Northampton County. You have to thank him for bringing this issue to light. As for bo, honesty no way, lied that he has a car when he drives a rice burner. Now he is turning his story around why because they got him lying. Why after the last counsel meeting why did bo run in to Stoffas office? May be his pants were on fire? Angle was not there to help, him could that be the reason, or was he looking to have Stoffs save him. Who is going to save Stoffa?

  6. This isn't the first time O'Hare has been caught in lies, nor is it the first for Angle or Stoffa either. It seems to be the string that binds them together. I think that string has gotten so strong from so many lies it is going to hang them this time!

  7. We just removed a comment from this post because we know it is BO...we checked and he removed our comments from his post. BO stay off this blog! Unless you allow us to comment on yours, we will not allow you to comment on ours.

    Good Day ;)

  8. Word on the street is, bo would not comment on this blog, he always uses his name, yea right. Just another lie, seems like one after another, They are catching up with him. If Stoffa chucks bo, who is he going to run to next?

  9. Council needs to do SOMETHING about the debacle caused by Stoffa. While Parsons represents Angle's district , it's up to all of Council to right this wrong and call for Stoffa's resignation.

  10. Word on the street is, bo must be spending too mutch in the sun. He seems to spend a lot of time talking to himself on his blog. you cannot comment, some one must have gotten to him. Could not happen to a nicer -------.............fill in the blank.

  11. Word on the street is, Where is Angle who covers all the angles during all of this. Not a word from him about this, sounds like he is at a lost of words, or trying to seperate himself from all this.

  12. Word on the street is, Rember Angles famous words when he found out about the petitinn challenge HOW CAN 12 PEOPLE DO THIS TO ME.

  13. Can it be that Stoffa, Angle, bo are on the defensive over this. It seems that every time they open their mouth they put both feet in it. Maybe they should go to the vet. for a case of foot in mouth disease.

  14. Word on the street is, where is the ET. and the MC. on this issue. Not a word from either one. Why not.