Friday, May 18, 2012

Another Possible Jail Sentence...

...For MISUSE of TAXPAYER funds.

With all this going on all over the state (and nation) you would think our County Executive would have steered clear of wrong doing...but NO, just as the others led by arrogance, so did Mr. Stoffa. Just remember made, and continue making - the bed. Eventually you will have to LIE in it!

Retire NOW, and possibly this mess you helped create goes away...stay the course, and who knows where you to may end up? Do the County an favor - step down NOW.

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  1. Word is some in the Callahan political camp have promised John Conklin and others that Callahan won't pursue this if elected. Conklin is a friend of a couple of the Callahan insiders.

  2. That is believeble. Just ask the Bethlehem firefighters about broken promises.