Saturday, May 19, 2012

Is Mr. Stoffa Really A Good Person?...

...Not according to himself!

What does that mean, you ask? Simple - just watch the second business matters Gracedale episode titled..."Selling Gracedale - The Debate Rages On" and 1min 26 seconds or so into the show you will hear Mr. Stoffa tell the host Tony Ianelli that Tony is wrong to believe the "he" (Mr. Stoffa is a good person) after TI said he beleved Mr. Stoffa to be such a person.

Stoffa said it MUST be true;-)


  1. Stoffa has been peddling that one for decades. The old, "he is a good man, he has integrity". Ask many who have worked with him amd you will hear quite a different story.

  2. Word on the street is, bo said at counsel meeting that he does not care what people think of him but, Stoffa and Mark Steward are honorable men. That is why Steward has a problem in Harrisburg with the city. Stoffa has a problem in northampton county. bo is still trying to be his bulling self.

  3. Stoffa is a master at the pretned "self-deprecating" humor. He loves when people say how great he is, cause then he always will joke about how he isn't "that great". The media and his evil cohorts like Angle and O'Hare have been peddling that for him for so long, many think it is fact.

    You as well as I, know he is very different if you confront him and challenge him on something. His face changes and there is no "aw shucks" humor anymore. He gets angry and downright mean. That is why he can only hire people that will do as they are told and never ever challenge his opinion.

    He is great at playing off his image but he is what he is, and many knew and told of it before he took office. He is an incompetent lifetime bureaucrat that has been fortunate to be at the right place at the right time. Just check out all the problems that happened while he was Director of Human Services in Lehigh County, kids dying, trying to sell off foster care. When the crap hit the fan, he blamed everyone but himself and the media believed him. He lives a charmed life. We will see if he wiggles out of this one.

  4. At one time I thought he was but I was wrong. the way he has conducted himself and his close association with Ron Angle and Bernie O'Hare have convinced me he is a fraud.