Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What Now?

Well - we keep our eyes open,

and as good sentry...we won't fall asleep.

When it comes to who's going to be our new County Executive - well, we know who it won't won't be John Stoffa. We could only hope that he ran again. He told us during our meeting with him at the 911 building that he only ran for a second term because - get this...HE thought he had done such a good job in his first term that he was sure to win a second! Right...he forgot to tell us how he campaigned at Gracedale to secure his victory. You see, he knew that there are more folks at Gracedale by way of residents and employees, that he didn't have to go door to door, no - he could do it all in one place simply by making empty promises. We believe it suffice to say that he no longer believes he did such a great job, actually, in our opinion he has performed a horrible job. We know, and certainly he knows that if he decided to run for another term...all we have to do is put a monkey in a suit to defeat him.

But for all of you hopefuls out there, take note, We The People don't want a monkey, no we have had it with the baboon preparing to leave office. Gracedale is wide awake, as are We The People of the County. Only a fool can harness the idea that they can fool Gracedale or We The People ever again.


  1. I have heard my man, Ron Heckman's mom is doing better, so I am urging him to leave retirement and come back to the county. I know he is unhappy with how things have gone and is going to get more involved than he has already been.

    I was told he thought about returning to county council but he may now be considering a county executive run if his mothers health holds up. I have encouraged him to reach out to people.

    The thing that impressed me the most regarding his feelings on Gracedale was that he said, he believed Gracedale deserved a fair and honest chance to make it and he feels that may not be happening now.

  2. From what I know of Ron, he is both intelligent and HONEST.
    In addition, I found him to be articulate and a person who cares about others.
    I'll have more to say about him later,but what a REFRESHING thought:more human sensitivity than political.

  3. Gracedale Advisory Board Meet9ing Friday June 1, 11 AM. Tower 1 conference Room At Gracedale hope to see you there

  4. Time to get on Stoffa regarding Gracedale. He has been sandbagging on this for too long. the vote was straight forward Mr. Stoffa. Start to work like you mean it.

    On Heckman, I agree and will be supporting him for whatever county position he runs for. Imagine, a person who knows county operations inside and out and is honest and not liked by O'Hare. Hhe is good just for that in my book.

  5. The management company that Stoffa said was ready to start the day after the election, took Stoffa six months to get in place, WHY.