Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why Mr. Stoffa?...

...Did you betray the Peoples TRUST?

Was it Ron Angle pulling the strings all along - or was it REALLY YOU.

Who was really the puppet...Angle or YOU?

Time will certainly tell the story, and your legacy will be established. You sir, are without a doubt the WORST County Executive ever to serve NorCo.

You wonder why we question your selfish motives? Because We The People are not in alignment with your mentality relating to Gracedale.

On February 21, 2011 you announced to the county that you would be appealing the decision to allow the GD Initiative to reach the Ballot. During which time you stated “We cannot have 23,000 county executives making a decision and have a representative government. This decision not only has long-term implications for Northampton County, but for other home rule counties as well,”

Well Mr. Stoffa, let us explain it to you this way, 23,000+ voices make an extremely loud and unmistakable noise so that you, and all other politicians out there can perk up your ears and hear, but, you sir failed to hear...NO, actually you chose not to hear.

All you had to do was listen, and understand what We The People were saying: "Leave Gracedale Alone". However, you were incapable of doing either. Big mistake wouldn't you agree?

Then you intentionally decided to disregard, and worst yet, underestimate the intelligence, determination, resolve, and most importantly - the WILL of We The People - Well...we have to ask:


  1. As much as you would like,WE THE PEOPLE OF NORCO are NOT going away.
    Were is your buddy Angle? Has he retreated to under one of bo's rocks? You would think since he is so vocal he would be speaking out in your defense...some friend.
    Mr. Stoffa, give it up. admit you made a MISTAKE. Make restitution and step down. Be a man and leave with some small degree of dignity.

  2. Worde on the street is, Angle who covers all angles is a part of this, him and bo took the COAP to court with legal help paid for by the county. THere is no way to get around this.

  3. Most important of all is the 2013 county elections. Pleae, please pick wisely and not the way you are told to vote but for the best person for the county on the ballot

  4. Yes indeed. We need to remove those two gilbert & theiry

  5. And don't forget the county executive pick must be thoughtful and not another empty promise.