Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our Government Needs To Understand...

...That when they chose to serve THE PEOPLE, it was a choice they made! Promising in most cases - to serve faithfully.

Our County Executive John Stoffa has failed miserably in the FAITHFUL department, as well as in the honest, and honorable ones too. He decided to do the unthinkable by an elected public challenge the very people who elected him.

Consider that when the referendum vote was complete...when all the smoke cleared, by an overwhelming 3-1 vote, We The People authorized him to safeguard Gracedale...
...yet still today he plays his games.

Let us not forget that initially Mr. Stoffa was not in favor of selling gracedale...but leasing her. See -

But then something (or someone) radically changed his view...drastically altering his reasoning power, making him turn to his ego...instead of to The People, and that is why he is where he is today. No...he can't go back, even if he wants to. He has past the point that we all know as "the line in the sand", he has past the point of no return.

We're sure that if he could, he would return to a point in time that he could make things right FOR HIM...but he can't...there is only forward.

Yes, life does go on, but as We The People see it, it must go on without Mr. Stoffa. The HONOR of his office exist only without him. Without a doubt, just as life moves on - so should John Stoffa.

There is nothing more to consider for John...the decision was yours to make, and you made it. You betrayed your support...and for that, your support says:


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  1. Stoffa was never clear or honest about his true intentions on Gracedale, until after the 2005 primary and the Republican candidate stepping down and the GOP endorsing Stoffa.

    That is when the real John Stoffa started to come out. All of a sudden Gracedale became the number one priority--to sell.

    A home that actually made money for every other county executive but Stoffa had to go. While Stoffa has reigned, Gracedale was systematically destoryed. The firm that was fixing the place was fired after he was elected, wonder why?

    Mr. Stoffa will only be remembered for one thing. He thought he was smarter and more clever than everyone else. Now he will be regarded the same as Ron Angle and Bernard O'Hare. They deserve each other.