Friday, May 4, 2012

The Fireworks Continue!

This is going to unravel Stoffa's political world.  If he does not step down, we really should pursue a recall.

And others should be real careful because it appears that at least two others have perhaps perjured themselves...and every time they denied the TRUTH - they dig a deeper hole.

We will soon post the email that were presented to County Council, so that all NorCo taxpayers can decide for themselves.

We know that this is a difficult issue for all to deal with...but that they must. We believe that the DA should seriously look at this issue as well. We believe that as an honest and just person himself...he can not allow criminal acts to go unpunished.

Bernie O'hare is quoted as saying "The allegation is silly," & "It's nonsense and it's political." Yeah, sure...serious is a better word to use than silly. He said in court that he had no help - he said in council chamber in February that he had no help...but the emails say different.

More To come so stay tuned.

Read todays WFMZ Article:


  1. Word on the street is, did bo commit perjury when he said in court it was his work and his alone?

  2. It looks like the Stoffa team is out in force on the Gracedale thing to night.

  3. There is no doubt that a county taxpayer paid private vendor helped O'Hare and Angle. The question is wheter County Council inteded that in their Resolution. I doubt it but they must stae it.

  4. Word on the street is, Angle, bo, Stoffas house of cards is on the way down. Who is going to throw who under the bus first? IT seams Conklin and Stoffa have some explaining to do.

  5. Let's see if County Council will do the right thing or find some pitiful excuse to do nothing. At the very least they can turn the information over to the DA for a formal investigation.
    Do you think any one of them will have the courage to do the right thing? I sure hope so.
    I'm Counting on McClure, Werner, Parsons and Dietrick. Cusick still thinks this information has something to do with some other litigation which it does not. Forget Tiery she won't understand the information without help from Angle and we know he'll tell her his wife did it. Gilbert will use a thousand words to explain his position and in the end will have said nothing. Peg Ferrarro...well she's nice and won't want to get anyone in trouble.
    But the E-mails and Bills don't lie. The voters are not stupid. They will remember who stood up and protected there tax dollars.