Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What Will Council Do...

...About the unauthorized use of TAX dollars?

Hopefully the right thing. And what is the right thing? Well, while we're not sure what they can do legally, we suspect that at the very minimum, the right thing would be to instruct/order Mr. Stoffa to forward bills of all cost associated with the services rendered by Eckard Seamans to Ron Angle and Bernard O'Hare...and then collect the funds by any means necessary.

Their litigation was a private matter against the TAX-payers. They should except the cost because they enjoyed the service, with the understanding that the only instance where TAX dollars are legally used to benefit private citizens goes by the program name "WELFARE". And the last time We The People looked, neither Angle nor O'Hare qualify for the program. It is only right, and certainly fair, that they pay for the services rendered to them by ES using TAXPAYER dollars.

If in-fact, laws have been broken in the process however, it stands to reason that the appropriate authorities MUST be involved for further review, investigation, and prosecution - if applicable.

No...it is not our desire that anyone end up incarcerated, however, anyone who enters a Walmart, or any place of business for example, with INTENT to steal (knowingly breaks the law) and they in-fact do so, if apprehended, they would in all likelihood be subject to our criminal laws and system. And they should expect consequences for their actions in according to all applicable laws...simply because what they did is wrong. Stealing at Walmart is no different than stealing from the TAX payers, and a consequence should result for either.

You see...using TAX dollars to serve the interest of anyone other than the TAX payer, as we understand it...is illegal, and consequences MUST result for such actions when discovered - and investigated of course to confirm the wrong doing...we must not allow the law breakers to get away with breaking the law - if we do, we can expect anarchy to be the end result.

While most of our elected officials get into politics for the right reasons - there are some who go into politics for there own selfish, usually self-serving motivations which inspire and illusion them to step outside the legal boundaries. We The People believe that to correct the problem we must demonstrate with stern action that this sort of behavior will not be tolerated...upon discovery - there will be a consequence to pay, for anyone...regardless of position - who chooses to step outside the law.

We have to say - especially to those We The People have vote for - and entrusted to lead us...and you know who you are - please do the right thing. Consider that if a public servant such as a Police Officer broke the law - there would be no law...just a fight for survival...

...let that - never be the case in NorCo.



    Check out the ET- section B,page 7.
    Read the the advertisement about a private nursing home which fills an entire page.
    True or not, I am so glad that my family member is at Gracedale.

  2. I will be grateful when the crooks who stole taxpayer money are shackled, bound, and tossed into a state police paddy wagon where they belong

  3. Wow, if Slate Belt Medical Center is an example of the type of care you get in a PRIVATE Nursing Home, I'm sure glad my Mom is in Gracedale. And this is the QUALITY of care that Angle tried to tell us we would get if Gracedale would be sold----NO THANK YOU!
    BACK TO THE THEFT AT HAND--AND I MEAN THEFT. How can you ignore the facts. Coucil, the least you can do is turn it over to the DA.

  4. And,this private nursing home is in Angle's backyard!
    What a fraud!

  5. O'Hater is on his blog complaining how the "powers to be" are all against he and his pal Moloninsky. He is mad that the Pawlowski Administration and the papers are all lined up against him and stopping the truth.

    He was reminded that is exactly what he, Angle and Stoffa did to the COAF. He loves to pretend to be a victim but he didn't mind being part of the "official gang in power" when threy tried to destroy Gracedale.

  6. Looks like O'Hater will see another upset fly in his face real soon. Leaving my lawsuit out of it, the NIZ will be a huge success, just like the Gracedale election.

    Then, O'Hare will be left, covered in mud, as the sore loser. Just like that famous scene in the movie "Grease" when Travolta wins the drag race, and the bully is defeated, crashed and burned.

  7. Is Travolta getting sued by a male masseuse? Bad analogy?

  8. wORD ON THE STREET IS, why did bo stop picking on the GOONS, LINCHMOB, CRAZIES, GOOLS. makes one wonder?

  9. because he's in deep doo doo and he knows it. his day is on its way, ......my guess is he'll be on the wrong side of the sally port

  10. Why with the use of county money did Mark Steward write bo brief for his apeal to harrisburg? Why did Mark Steward write Stoffas brief to county court? Why was Mark Steward present at Stoffas hearing in Easton when asked by the judge IF HE WAS COUNSEL FOR THE BUYER OF GRACEDALE HE SAID NO, THE JUDGE REMARKED HE THOUGHT THAT THE COUNTY HAD THEIR OWN LAWYERS. Mark Steward charge the county for writing both briefs and the cout appearence, paid with taxpayers money. I mean county money. And all this after John Conklin said during a counsel meeting that when bo was going to file a law suit against the COAF he told ES to stop work on it. Why did MS keep going?

  11. Remember, taking responsibility for what you’ve created is the first step in realizing that you have the power to change it. Self-empowerment begins with self-awareness and responsibility. You’re learning (as we all are) to create with your beliefs, feelings and thoughts and it takes time and practice to master these creations.

  12. You must admit the picture of the judge that accompanies this post looks just like Stoffa when he is angry. I laugh every time I see it.