Friday, May 18, 2012

Here We Go...

This morning BO posted on his hate blog at 2:40 am some very amusing remarks about "Still Practicing" Attorney Larry Otter who must have bit O'Hare on his ankle with his sharp teeth, inspiring the entertaining remarks.

He goes on to state: "Ron Angle and I, as some of you no doubt remember, had challenged the validity of the signatures for a referendum on Gracedale's sale. We lost the case."

He conveniently left out the fact that they both claimed at the time - that they never received help from Mark Stuart of Eckard Seamans, hired by the County specifically to handle County business, not PRIVATE LITIGATION.

He went on to say: "The reality? "I really resented the claim that anyone "coached" me. I spent weeks in the elections office, reviewing nomination petitions. I spent at least another week researching and preparing a complaint. It was my work product. But yes, I sent numerous drafts of my Complaint, as it evolved. Right before filing, I received some suggestions from an attorney at the firm engaged to conduct Gracedale's sale. I accepted most of them. "

First off - he says he resents the claim that he was coach...but, then he says - yeah I got some suggestions and accepted them. Yes, the profane O'Hare seems to be coming apart at the seams. Perhaps he's losing it! Maybe something in his coffee? on earth can you resent the TRUTH?

O'hare claims - "This firm was acting under express authority of a County Council resolution that stated its "clear intent" was to authorize this law firm "to facilitate and expedite all issues" that would result in Gracedale's sale." BINGO...nothing about dealing with PRIVATE LITIGATION!

Further stating: "Presumably, that would include discussions with allied private litigants who are attempting to achieve the very same goal. The resolution is broad enough that the firm actually could have represented us, although we preferred to make our own mistakes." WRONG!!!

This statement clearly implies that he and Angle had discussions with Mark Stuart of ES relating to their PRIVATE LITIGATION...which by the way folks, on numerous occasion before they denied ever happened - well, it appears the TRUTH is being revealed. If we are to believe this statement, it would indicate that they lied before. But, wait...if we believed what they said before...wouldn't that make this statement a LIE? Why - YES it would.

He continues to damn himself (and others) with this remark: "Now you could argue that Council never dreamed that the firm it hired would discuss a matter with allied private litigants. I get that. But the language in the resolution is what controls. Facilitate and expedite all issues leading to Gracedale's sale, charged Council. "

No, council never dreamed that the firm they hired would have such discussions with private litigants because that was never their direction nor their intent!

Stay Tuned...more to come.


  1. What does the resolution realy say. I beleive it was given to counsel and read at last night meeting.

  2. Why did Mark Steward write bo brief for court in Harrisburg and send the bill to the county, yea bo got no help from Mark Steward. He can lie all he wants to but Mark Steward is not going to lose his law license to save bo or any one at county. The truth is comming out and he cant stop it.