Monday, May 28, 2012

O'Hare should ask Instead...

...Did Executive Stoffa misuse $31,000.00 of the TAXPAYERS money? This is a real question!

And he should asked Mark Stuart of Eckard Seamans why he hasn't provided NorCo Controller Stephen Barron with the information requested to clear up the first question.

No...instead he goes after the Honorable Mayor Pawlowski of Allentown for doing what he promised The People Allentown he would do...PROSPER Allentown.

And then he tries to implicate Ed DeGrace, who knows enough about O'Hares history to know that he wants nothing to do with him. And when Bernie calls Mr. DeGrace for some sort of communication, he seems surprise that the phone is hung up on him. He's so confused!

But why doesn't Bernie ask about Stoffa? Well, that's easy - he and Stoffa share an office...or at least it seems that way. After the last CC meeting for instance, Stoffa went right into his office, and who followed immediately got it - the employee Bernie O...WHAT! Wait a minute - Bernie's not an employee! That's right he's not...but he walks around the entire courthouse like he owns it. Why is that? Well, these days...since the magical disappearance of Angle, Bernie has attached himself to Stoffa, and everyone watching can see it.

We congratulate Mr. DeGrace for doing the right thing...hanging up on Bernie O'Hare - xactly what we all need to do, and Bernie too will...

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  1. At the end of the day, I beleive $31,000 is a fraction of the true cost of O'Hare to county taxpayers. This was the most disgusting chapter in county history.