Friday, May 11, 2012


Has anyone noticed the complete silence that fills the air since Northampton County Council was presented by the Coalition of Alzheimer's families with an information packet relating to "misuse of tax dollars", during the Gracedale Initiative petition drive.

The subject appears so sensitive, that everyone concerned with the matter have clammed up shut...including the media.

People who would talk to hear themselves talk (like the ousted councilman)...speak no more! Why???

We know why...they are hopeful that if they don't say another word about will all go away. How wrong they are. This will not go away because the Coalition will not go away! We will continue to ask, until they have no recourse but to answer us.

They can enjoy the silence for the moment...but not for long. The sound of nothing today...says that something was foul yesterday, and no one wants to talk about it. However, eventually there will be no choice but to call a spade - a spade.

We know that even the notorious
nonsensical ignoramus, who thrives on launching insults with no foundation at anyone whom he disagrees with...has been absolutely silent on this matter since the meeting on May 3rd, 2012.

Angry boy Stock Photo - 8777589

We know that we have hit a nerve when silence becomes - the loudest scream.

Can you hear us now Mr. Stoffa???


  1. Indeed this is a RARE RARE act of silence. The bully and emporer appear to be without their clothes. OOPSIE!

  2. Expect nothing from Stoffa he is a complete incompetenet, unable to function without the ousted councilman pulling his puppet strings.

    This scandal will only come to light by acts of council or pressure from the media.

    Since the Philadelphia media is trying to gain a foothold in the Lehigh Valley, this may be a great story for them. Tales of governmental corruption and coverups including local media hacks will have them interested.

    It may be time for some major news outlets to be made aware of the dirty delaings going on in our once proud county.

    The three evil ones have been allowed to be evil by a willing and complient county council and local media.

    Hopefully someone will open up this sore and expose the stink to the rest of the state.

    God save Northampton County, God save Gracedale.

  3. Saw the Morning Call story on Gracedale. It is impossible to trust anyhting that Marcus says at this point. He has only ever been a loyal mouthpiece for Stoffa and Angle. The guy still doen't know what Gracedale does since he is hardly ever out there.

    I can't wait until we have a County Executive and an Adminstration that knows how to run these things and we can trust.

    Hopefully Gracedale survives that long. These clowns are doing everthing they can to destroy it.

    Vote smart next year! Please!!

  4. I am looking forward to see County Council take action on this injustice that was dealt to the taxpayers of Northampton County.

  5. I agree anon 10:58 but don't hold your breath. We need a new county executive and a new county council.

  6. Word on the street is, we need to get rid of some dead wood on council, and a new executive. One that is not a puppet.

  7. It has been almost two weeks and not a word about Gracedale, or the goons. They must of struck a nerve. It makes one wonder.

  8. O'Hare is on his hate blog backpeddling on his attack on an innocent woman.

    He trashed her and called her a liar when she tried to correct him. It turns out she was right and he was wrong. Of course he is blaming some other people.

    She should sue his sorry backside.

  9. Tricia, give it up already.

  10. Looks like O'Hater will be making lots of public apologies in the near future. If he would decide to have a life, and stop beating up on women who want nothing to do with him or his blog, his life may be more fulfilling. Its really sad that he gets obsessed with one topic, and one victim, until he wears it out and finds another. He should be sued on a daily basis

    Other than his hate blog, and some kid from allentown that he relentless stalks at kiddie sports games, O'Hare has absolutely NO life whatsoever.

    Glad to see O'Hare threatened and on the receiving end of a lawsuit for a change. I think the netire LV area should file a class action libel suit against his fat ass.

  11. Well we know he won't attack boys.