Friday, May 4, 2012

Stoffa Wants To Know Why?...

...Are We The People doing this to him. Can anyone aware of the disarray he has caused in NorCo believe he would ask such a question?

First off...all We The People are doing is holding your feet to the fire, and so there is no mistake...that simply means - We The People are holding you accountable.

You ran your campaign promising us that you would always do the right thing...but you sir, have fallen way too short on that promise.

Mr. Stoffa, anyone watching from the outside can attest - you should have done the right thing with Gracedale, and this wouldn't be a problem for you today...and simply stated - that was to carry out the desire of your constituents, and make Gracedale work. Instead, you chose to fight your electors. And you did so with a false delusion that you could beat the "perceived" ignorant folks who elected on and hard you pushed - sorry to say however, you lost the very day you sensed that we were so simple...envisioning yourself above We The People.

Your greatest error may have been swallowing a pill which distorted your vision, leading you to believe that We The People were nothing more than a bunch of analphabet's, whom even if we discovered your trail, would not be able to decipher the confusion...well hows that working for you?

No - We The People take no pleasure in any of this, however, to answer your question...when will we stop? - Take note, we have no intention of stopping until you vacate your office. We The People hold no confidence in you, or your inabilities as our County Executive...any longer. You have demonstrated no REAL leadership qualities, and you lost our trust when you decided to deceive us. On the other hand, We The People have been totally honest with you...and We The People have yet to make a promise to you that we could not keep...and keep them we have...only the ousted Councilman knows that better than you.

Sir - this disorder you have created with these emails and bills will definitely derail you, and possibly a few others as well, it is merely a matter of time. So why not do yourself a favor, and We The People as well...resign your position, or risk being ousted - possibly taking the others with you. Please remember that YOU created this mess, so you have no one else to blame for your underhanded actions.

And once again, to answer the question you posed to one of our members last night after the meeting - We The People WILL NOT STOP until we clean our house...we will identify and correct all mistakes we have made...and as evidence that we have commenced that process, we point you to the ousted Councilman who relentlessly attack Gracedale. This can all possibly end with you, but please make no mistake about have to know our resolve by now, which has clearly been established to be grounded on the principle that we say what we mean...and we mean what we say - and then action! No, absolutely not - WE WILL NOT STOP until the last speck of trash has been tossed out.

Yes-our friend, like the ousted Councilman we regret electing you, and yes, we are still considering recalling you. We really have no desire to carry out that action, however, should we decide to undertake that task, you have to know by now that remove you - We The People will. How can we be so confident you ask? Because We The People understand the game better today than yesterday. And because We The People stand on a solid rock that will not crumble - it's the rock of TRUTH...supporting us, forever and a day.

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  1. We also know how he throw out the plan the last Administration put into effect at Gracedale. It was working but Stoffa needed Gracedale to fail.

    He, Angie and O'Hare almost destroyed our county home. Never again.