Thursday, May 17, 2012


Unbelievable! That a response to: "How are you doing Bernie?" would be "F*%@ YOU".

Yes ladies and gentlemen of NorCo, that was the result our spokesperson Rev. Mario Martinez received from Bernard O'Hare during a brief passing in the parking deck just prior to the County Council meeting. Not certain he heard correctly, our spokesperson said "excuse me?" - O'Hare turned to face our spokesperson and used the same profanity in a manner that could not be misunderstood...humbly, our spokesperson replied: "you have a great day too" and went on his way to the meeting.

After the meeting, Mr. Stoffa went into his office appearing disgruntled with COAF members who politely wished him a good evening. Seconds after, O'Hare comes out of chambers and runs directly into Mr. Stoffas office almost running into our spokesperson, (in our opinion intentional) however, there was no contact this time, and we say that sincerely because we REPORT THE TRUTH.

Why are they so upset? - well, during the courtesy of the floor, Jack DeLesandro once again provided council members with more damaging information relating to tax dollars authorized by Mr. Stoffa...for use to assist two private citizens - namely Ron Angle and Bernard O'hare III who sued the the taxpayers assisted by Mark Stuart of Eckard Seamans, who without question - billed the county for for assisting in the PRIVATE LITIGATION. 

Our spokesperson given the opportunity, first commended the new civil and professional format of the meeting, giving full credit to all members of council, then enlighten the council body that although he did not plan on addressing council this evening, a concerning email had compelled him to do so. He proceeded to reveal that part of the content of the email indicated that more than $31,000.00 may have been used to fund the PRIVATE LITIGATION. 

When question by the Council President Mr. Cusick regarding whether or not the County Controller Steven Baron was going to provide council a report, the Controller who was in the audience came to the podium and presented some very interesting information - which made for a visibly uncomfortable Mr. Stoffa. We will go into more details tomorrow...stay tuned.



  1. If you mention any of this to O'Hare on his hate blog, he either deletes you or tells you you are OT.

    Funny how he is all about information and truth when he is not the person of interest.

  2. Word on the street is, why does Stoffa give bo the run of the courthouse when bo is a private citizen. I guess the taxpayers should all go into the courthouse and bully all the employies there. Thgan we can run into Stoffas office for help. I would beleive the heat of his lying is catching up with him. His world is comming down bigtime.

  3. Bernie O'Hare is once again deflecting and misleading the public about the help that he and Ron Angle received from the law firm hired by the county to assist with the sale of Gracedale. The issue of taxpayer money used to fund his "private litigation" has NEVER BEEN HEARD ON THE MERITS IN ANY COURT. The issue that is currently before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court is whether the Northampton County Court of Common Pleas should reconsider the Gracedale Petition Committee a/k/a COAF request for attorney fees and costs based upon the after discovered EVIDENCE OF TAXPAYER FUNDS BEING USED TO FUND THE O'HARE /ANGLE "PRIVATE LITIGATION". Read the emails between Bernie O'Hare, Farmer Angle, John Stoffa and John Conklin and MARK STEWART, ESQUIRE that have been posted on various websites including this one.
    Then read Bernie O'Hare's claim on his website and in the Morning Call that all the work was on the petition challenge was his and his alone. That assertion folks is a BALD FACE LIE!

  4. Bernie O'Hare has NO class

    He behaves like a a spolied, out of control 5 year old brat

    He makes hypocritical comments about people on his blog, and censors his blog religiously, 24/7

    He is finding that his lies have consequences

    When the consequences being to show themselves, he makes vulgar gestures towards others, including, (but not limited to) the "F YOU" remark of last night,

    And, giving Steve Barron the middle finger at a COAF meeting last year, in front of kids

    Does he care about kids?

    Does he stalk kids?

    Does he photograph kids of no relation?

    Does he attempt to corrupt the minds of kids through his vulgar and objectionable behavior?

    What else does Bernie O'Hare do in the presence of kids?

    Is Bernie's 'best friend' a convicted and sentanced child porogrpaher who did time in NCP?

    Did Bernie religiously visit, and provide financial support to the convict?

    Does Bernie O'Hare enjoy kiddy porn himself?

    The answers will be coming soon......

  5. Bernard O'Hare the 3rd has honestly demonstrated to the entire county the despicable person that he is. His honorable Father must be turning over in his grave. As I understand it, there was only the two of them in the parking deck so O'Hare could have said nothing, or could have denied it as a fictitious event. Go on his site and read the truth, he confirms, with much hatred I might add, that he said what he said.

    This is really shameful, and for any member of our governing bodies to associate themselves with this hooligan is just as despicable.

    On behalf of all the people who truly support your strife for right in NorCo, I apologize to you Rev. Martinez for the stupidity of the few. Please stay strong in your faith.

  6. Bernie O'Hare is a classless sot. He is pitied by most at the courthouse becaause he is so crazy. Just an alcholic disbarred attorney trying to be relevent.

    He has no class and bever did. That is one of the reasons he and Angle fit so well together.