Thursday, May 31, 2012

Out To Distroy Stoffa???

Absolutely NOT!!!

County council meeting signStoffa chose to destroy himself by associating first with Angle, and second with O'Hare.

Together they formed a triANGLE around Gracedale with one malicious intention...tighten the neck, and strangle our beloved Gracedale.

Too bad if you don't like the fact that we organized to prevent your attacks on such a noble facility. And too bad if you feel it's not fair that we're intelligent enough to use our constitutional rights to take all of you down.

You don't like it? SO WHAT!!!

Consider what you have done to the county in terms of wasting our tax dollars over the last 2 yrs+...and we won't mention the $31,000.00 misused by Stoffa to facilitate legal assistance for Bernard O'Hare and Ron Angle - a citizen and an acting citizen who chose to sue the taxpayers of the County...with our own money WHAAAAT??? A case of ourse which is currently under investigation.

Momentarily - Ron Angle appears to be the smartest of all three, he found a rock to hide under, and chose to do exactly that...HIDE - hoping that if the other two go down, they can't find him to drag him down too. But his is no less responsible than the other two.

And We The People rejoice in the moment, not out of pride, but out of relief that "los tres chiflados" failed miserably...and are about to pay the full price for their devious acts.


  1. Don't forget that Mr. Stoffa is making things worse every week. He decides to buy out the swaption at over $25 million with money he and Angle claimed the county never had available. He buys an unnecessary warehouse in the twp. Now he is talking about another building.

    Enough. The guy is wrecking the county and will create a fisacl crisies that will again threaten Gracedale.

    It is such a shame that a full year after an overwhelming vote of siupport ofor Gracedale at the polls, we have acounty executive who is doing everything but trying to get the job done. I really wish he would just retire but his ego will never let that happen.

    I plan to be sure to vote against Gilbert, Thiery and Cusick because i believe if a new executive tried to sell Gracedale they would be for it.

  2. Gilbert-yes;Thiery-yes;Cusisk-no,for he has a brain and understands why he was elected- to represent and serve the people.

  3. Not so sure about Cusick...I don't think he has any loyality to Gracedale. He got the courage finally to shut up Angle but I think he'd sell Gracedale in a minute.

  4. Cusick would sell it in a minute. Why take the chance? When the Stoffa gang thought they had things wrapped up, Cusick was one of the chorus screaming with the Stoffa gang and not asking any tough questions that others not even on council had to ask.

    No vote from me.