Thursday, May 17, 2012

Is It All About The Money?

No...absolutely not.

While $31,000.00 is a significant amount of money, the pending issue relating to taxpayer funds used to pay for private litigation is more than just a money matter. It has everything to do with right and wrong, which is certainly more important to We The People - than the money itself.

Was it right or wrong for the County Executive John Stoffa to authorize the use of county resources funded by taxpayer dollars to benefit a private matter? You see...anyone looking at this question has to understand that it is always WRONG to use tax dollars for private use! Mr. Stoffa suggested to a county resident/taxpayer that he did not use tax dollars...but county dollars. Again, we have to ask - what is the difference? And if there is a difference, can someone knowledgeable please define the difference for us, because we don't see a difference.

Bill DeWeese was unopposed in the Democratic primary for his state House district. His lawyer said DeWeese planned to appeal his conviction. APThe act of misusing tax dollars ladies and gentlemen of NorCo, is no different in this case, than the WFMZ report yesterday about former State House Speaker Bill DeWeese, who was convicted of misusing tax dollars - by way of using employees to benefit his own private campaign.

Mr. DeWeese is today sitting in jail because his act of misusing tax dollars was WRONG! We The People believe that the actions of our County Executive were equivalent to those of Mr. DeWeese, and that's not to say that our desire is that Mr. Stoffa, or anyone else warms a bed in jail...but if one knowingly and intentionally breaks the law...then where do law breakers go - if not jail?

County Council has been tasked by We The People to investigate this matter. Not to address this matter seriously would be considered by We The People a dereliction of duty on their part. Hopefully they will have some answers for us during this evenings County Council meeting.

Stay tuned for new developments.


  1. I am hopeful that county council will route out the wrongdoings, misdeeds and ill-governance that was dealt to the taxpayers, all the while , a massive blow of $25 million in swap monies was parboiling in front of Stoffa. But he was too busy suing the COAF with his buddy boy BO and Angle, to see the bubbles, the foam, and then the eruption of taxpayer money, right out the window.

  2. This is verry true. Stoffa could have paid the swaption when it was below 10million. But it was more ijmportant to sue the citizens which makes government in northampton county possible.

  3. Don't forget the needles building in Forks Township. Stoffa is an angry and vengeful old man. He is plotting a course of fiscal ruin for the county. He can then blame Gracedale and the petition and leave the ruined mess to his successor, hoping they will be able to justify a Gracedale sale. Even out of office he wants his revenge on Gracedale.

    I see that the Controller was on TV and I believe he is demanding an investigation of the money used for the Gracedale suits.

    This may be all we get, as the county council is afraid of its own shadow.

  4. Did anyone see BO brake the record for the ONE HUNDRED YARD DASH to Stoffas office after the meetng. Next counsel meeting we should all go to Stoffas ofice.

  5. It is disgusting that the Northampton County Executive huddles in his taxpayer paid office with the likes of Bernie O'Hare. Sad times in Northamton County.

    O'Hare complains about the politiccal insiders in Allentown but there he is in closed door meetings with John Stoffa.

  6. I absolutely agree that Stoffa should have been paying more attention to the running of the county than checking on the petitions. He could have saved the tax payers millions had he paid the swaption earlier. No he was paying for private litiagtion the darn fool. He is an evil man who should step down. If council doesn't take any action about this mess with bo and angle then they should should step down too. If they can't see the wrong that Stoffa allowed to be done then let the homeless take over the courthouse! At least then it would provide a useless purpose.

  7. sorry I meant to say useful purpose in the 12:36 comment